About Us


For more than a decade, Asphalt Paving Atlanta has existed to serve clientele in the Atlanta area and neighboring areas. Asphalt Paving Atlanta started by providing asphalt and seal coating solutions for private individuals, businesses, and institutional clients. We extended our focus to include municipal clients. Today, Asphalt Paving Atlanta offers the best asphalt maintenance solutions in Atlanta, GA. It’s mainly due to the introduction of modern systems and cost management that Asphalt Paving Atlanta had the opportunity to situate ourselves to be a pioneer in the asphalt paving industry.

Apart from maintenance, Asphalt Paving Atlanta provides a whole line of grading, removal, & paving administrations with our up-to-date and modern equipment. Consequently, we can manage projects efficiently and timely! Within the prior years, Asphalt Paving Atlanta has begun to focus on project management. We are competent to deal with paving, bumper blocks, grading, striping, cement work, excavation, and other related services. You don’t have to bear the headache of dealing with your asphalt concerns. Kindly inform us of everything you need and let our experienced and competent project supervisors manage it for you!

Asphalt Paving Atlanta has successfully helped many companies appreciate quality asphalt surfaces for over a decade. Whether your home involves a brand new entrance, your parking lot requires resurfacing, or your subdivision street and golf course pathway needs replacing, Asphalt Paving Atlanta has got you covered. For more info on exactly how Asphalt Paving Atlanta’s expert asphalt paving contractors are capable of supporting you, speak with us now.